Monday, June 27, 2011

Enterprise Library 5.0 Windows Azure Integration pack coming

I’m working for patterns & practices again! Though this time as a freelancer!

Right now, we’re starting work on the Enteprise Library 5.0 Windows Azure Integration Pack!

Windows Azure integration pack

Enterprise Library 5.0 already works very well in Windows Azure. Most of the blocks can easily be used within Windows Azure.

The Goal for the Windows Azure Integration Pack is to adapt Enterprise Library to support many Azure only scenario’s. This might mean making changes to the current blocks, but also creating new blocks.

We’re still figuring out which scenario’s the Azure Integration Pack should support. And you can help us to frame this effort.

Your input is welcome

We have created a survey to determine how you are using Windows Azure and how Enteprise Library can help you to build even better Azure applications.

Go to the survey!

The plans for the near future

In the near future, we’ll put up a list of scenario’s and user stories that Enteprise Library so you can vote on their priorities.