Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chill 2.0 beta released

I’ve just released a beta for Chill 2.0. What’s new?

  • Support for Integration testing using Autofac (no mocking).
  • Support for multiple Chill containers in a single assembly. Ideal if you want to have both integration tests and unit tests in a single assembly.
  • Support for automatic object mothers.
  • Chill is now also available as portable class library (thanks for that Dennis)!
  • Several usability tweaks.

Get the changes via Nuget:

Install-package Chill.Autofac –IncludePrerelease

Install-package Chill.AutofacNSubstitute –IncludePrerelease

Install-package Chill.AutofacFakeItEasy –IncludePrerelease

I’ll blog further about these improvements soon. As always feedback is very welcome.

Keep it Chill!

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